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                              To strive for the advancement of packaging power to the packaging power (1)

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                              To strive for the advancement of packaging power to the packaging power (1)

                              Release date:2017-08-25 Author: Click:

                              The development of innovation is a struggle to move from the packaging power to the packaging power
                              -- at the sixth national congress of the China packaging technology association
                              Shi wanpeng, the President of China packaging technology

                              The sixth national congress of the China packaging technology association has elected a new council, the standing council and elected me President. This is the trust and trust of the representatives to me and all of our leading members, and we feel deeply that the work of the association is still a long way off. Let me extend my heartfelt thanks to all the members of the sixth council and the standing council of China.
                              Over the past two decades, we have witnessed and witnessed the development of China's packaging industry from scratch and from small to large. In deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, under the correct leadership of the CPC central committee and the state council, through the joint efforts of the national packaging industry comrades, packaging industry has risen from missing a category, dispersed free, single product, poor quality, serious shortage, the bottleneck which restrict the development of the national economy industry, developed into a relatively complete categories, basic can meet the needs of national economic development of big industry. The total output value of packaging industrial production jumped from 7.2 billion yuan to 250 billion yuan. Today, we can proudly say that China has stood in the east as a packaging power. Not long ago, in the fight against SARS, the packaging industry was dedicated to the task of the heavy burden, and wrote a new chapter in the packaging industry. Packaging industry has made great achievements with reform and opening-up of our country's political, economic and cultural sustainable, rapid and healthy development is inseparable, it is because of China's comprehensive national strength, jumped, the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the rapid development of packaging industry related upstream and downstream industry, only to the progress of packaging industry provides conditions and opportunities. At the same time, the achievements of the packaging industry are inseparable from the painstaking efforts of the large number of workers. And strongly support the leadership of the relevant department under the state council shall, in the high old directly under the leadership of the association to organize the strength of the whole industry, focus on technological progress, focus on cultivating the backbone enterprise group and a group of "specialized, refined, special, new" small and medium-sized enterprises, promote internationalization of the road, we have today's packaging industry, narrow the gap with developed countries, and for rapid development of packaging industry in the new century has accumulated experience, has laid a solid foundation. As the founder of China packaging technology association and China's modern packaging industry, we deeply feel that comrade qiu pufu has made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of China's packaging industry. To this end, I suggest that we give a warm round of applause to the venerable old President and the first five members of the association. I would like to express my high respect and heartfelt thanks. At the same time, also to offer a great support for the development of Chinese packaging enterprise of the departments concerned under the state council, governments at all levels, local comrades of the association and the general packaging worker said deep respect, thank you for made great contribution to China's packaging cause. China BaoXie the sixth national congress is in the whole party to carry out the party's 16 big spirits, held under the was in the third plenary session of the sixteenth just after closing a victory, we must seriously summarize the achievement and experience, since the establishment of the association of research in the new century, under the new situation the situation and tasks facing the packaging industry, unite all the packing workers, the innovation and development, for construction in the new century our country into a modern packaging power struggle.
                              I. the situation and tasks faced by the packaging industry
                              The sixteenth congress of the CPC is the goal of China's comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society in the first twenty years of this century, which points the way for the creation of socialism with Chinese characteristics. As an important part of national economy, packaging industry is both a supporting industry and a potential industry. The next ten to twenty years is an important period for the development of packaging industry in China. For packaging industry is the overall requirements of the current and future a period: with deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" the important thoughts as the instruction, to the comprehensive construction well-off society as the goal, closely around the national economic structure strategic adjustment, adhere to the road of new industrialization, deepen reform, improve the level of opening to the outside world in an all-round way, adhere to environmental protection and the protection of the basic state policy of resources, and follow the objective law, adjust measures to local conditions, scientific planning, rational layout, improve the quality and efficiency of packaging industry's growth, speed and structure, quality, benefit unifies, to promote sustained, rapid and sound development of packaging industry tried to build our country into a powerful modern packaging industry.
                              (1) to promote the structural adjustment of packaging industry in accordance with the requirements of the new path of industrialization
                              Our party's 16 big requirements, adhere to the informationization to drive industrialization, industrialization promotes informatization, out of a high technological content, good economic benefits, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution and human resources advantages to give full play to the new industrialization path.
                              For more than 20 years, China's packaging industry has obtained the achievements that have astonished the world, according to the evaluation of the world packaging organization Chinese used 20 years of time covered in western developed countries for forty years in the development of packaging industry. But as Han Guzeng comrade in the 5th council report points out, the packing industry in China still exist, such as low industrial concentration, low level repeated construction, serious and long-term dependence on imported raw materials, high-tech equipment, research and development of the industry as a whole and poor innovation ability and the serious lack of management and technical talents. To this end, we must promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, formed by high and new technology industry as the forerunner, the backbone of the packaging with competitive large enterprises, specialized, refined, special, new packaging production pattern on the basis of small and medium-sized enterprises.
                              There are more than 2 manufacturing enterprises in China, but there are very few big packers with independent intellectual property, outstanding main business and strong core competitiveness. However, the packaging industry of developed countries almost always has a certain number of large packaged-enterprise groups, and the international group is constantly forming new transnational groups through acquisitions and mergers. Therefore, China packaging enterprises should implement intensive integration. The joint development will carry out the pilot of large packaging products and packaging machinery enterprise groups, and operate according to the modern enterprise system. Only in this way can the advantages of our packaging industry be further strengthened and played. We need to upgrade the traditional packaging industry with high and new technology and advanced application technology, and vigorously revitalize the packaging and equipment manufacturing industry. We should focus on the strategic adjustment of the economic structure to guide enterprises to improve and improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth.
                              Summary of the development of packaging industry experience and lessons, we shall timely grasp and analyses of current situation of the development of packaging industry, and help the government to total amount control, so that the packaging industry output value and the ratio of output value of the national economy tend to be more reasonable, the packaging industry and the development of national economy development speed coordination synchronization. A total control of packaging industry is implemented, and the key point is to invite the national authorities to carry out scientific proof of the large packaging project of the new horse. For a large number of small and medium sized packaging enterprises. Both work according to the request of "sme promotion law of the People's Republic of China, actively support and strengthen the guidance, perfect service, in accordance with the regulations, safeguard rights and interests, guide to the specialized, refined, special, new direction, and combining with the deployment, rectify and standardize market economic order of backward technology, redundant construction, waste of resources, serious environmental pollution limits, small and medium-sized enterprises through integration, mergers, privatization, shareholding modification of a variety of ways, such as the small and medium-sized enterprise give full play to their advantage.

                              The principle of packaging industry development is:

                               (1) market-oriented. Follow the market economy rules, continuously meet the quality, safety, convenience, beauty, pollution-free, pollution-free packaging products market demand.

                               (2) play a regional comparative advantage. Relying on the advantage packaging industry specialized production area, realizing the packaging products manufacturing, the research and development and the raw material base close together, the combination of upstream and downstream products.

                               (3) adapt to scale operation. The size of the raw material base and the market need to adapt, determine the scale of enterprises, implement the combination of large and medium-sized enterprises, and pay attention to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and non-public sectors of the economy.

                               (4) adopt advanced application technology. To protect and develop the technology of transmission, select the advanced and applicable technical equipment, and the qualified packaging enterprises should actively introduce and develop high and new technology, and combine the high and new technology with the applicable technology.

                               (5) both development and protection are equal. We should protect the safety and health of people's lives, protect the environment and packaging products, promote cleaner production, prevent packaging enterprises from polluting the environment and polluting the packaging products.

                              (6) give full play to the role of high-tech industrial development zones and industrial parks, guiding enterprises, scientific research units and colleges and universities to combine.

                               (7) strengthen macro guidance. By formulating and implementing the packaging industry development policy, planning and quality standards, guide packaging industry rational layout. We will prevent the repeated construction of the low level of blind auxiliary new stands and improve the modernization of packaging industry.

                              In order to ensure the continuous and rapid development of the packaging industry, we should also vigorously promote the coordinated development of relevant industries, especially:

                              (1) the development of new packaging materials. Develop a variety of packing with low plate for packing strength requirement and printing performance. Development of better barrier properties of polyvinyl resin and accessories; The development is suitable for making use of drum cans and various thin plates; Develop aluminum foil and aluminized film to meet the needs of packaging; The development of non-pest composite wood products that meet the requirements of my packing will provide the packaging industry with more variety, better quality and more consistent with the international trend of packaging materials. Set up a packing material production base abroad.

                               (2) to revitalize the packaging and equipment manufacturing industry. Packaging equipment manufacturing is the basis of packaging industry, which is the main factor determining the direction and speed of packaging industry. The packaging equipment manufacturing industry must be revitalized through guidance and support to realize mechatronics integration. Intelligent, centralized control development, and increase the application of microcomputer technology.

                               (3) to establish a green packaging industry system in China. The development of green packaging is the solution to the technical barriers, environmental barriers and quarantine rules of various countries. It is important to develop environmental performance, environmental protection and personal injury, recyclable or degradable packaging materials. We will vigorously promote cleaner production, use clean energy and raw materials, and adopt clean technology. Produce cleaning products. Implement the recycling of packaging waste.

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