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                              To strive for the advancement of packaging power to the packaging power (2)

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                              To strive for the advancement of packaging power to the packaging power (2)

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                              To strive for the advancement of packaging power to the packaging power (2)

                              (2) strengthen the construction of packaging laws and packaging standards
                              The rule of law is a fundamental strategy of our country, improve and perfect the laws and regulations, is the need of protecting consumer rights and interests, and ensure the need of commodities in the global competition in our country, more scientific and reasonable guiding China's packaging industry, the needs of the sustainable and healthy development.

                              After 20 years of efforts, our country in has promulgated relevant laws and regulations of packaging product quality are made clear, and made all kinds of national standards for more than 500, constitutes the basic framework of Chinese packaging regulations standard system, preliminary satisfy the general requirements of packaging and related industries. Involves packaging laws and regulations are not serious, however, most of the packing standard have quite a gap with the developed country, the standard is not comprehensive, not form a complete set, operability is poor, there is a part of the standard can not meet the demand of market economy.

                              Especially after China's accession to the world trade organization (wto), if our packing regulations construction lags behind, if our industrial and agricultural products producers lack of packaging regulations consciousness, if our packaging products, also by a lack of laws and regulations, standards, so our export goods packaging could not reach the requirements of international standards or regulations in the developed countries and the possibility of sanctions will soar, the export of commodities claims due to packing problem will increase a lot of, China's export trade will be severely affected. In 1998 our country export commodities using solid wood packaging products was influenced by the United States, Canada, Britain and other European countries, once cause serious economic losses, which is a typical case.
                              To this end, we want to be in the relevant departments of the state council, under the leadership and support of organizations dedicated strength, combined with China's national conditions, the developed countries and international organizations to existing laws and regulations to collect and study. The working process of foreign packaging legislation is tracked and compared with the regulations and standards which have been issued in China. To make our laws and standards truly scientific, rational, advanced, operable and in line with international standards. At the same time, we will actively provide relevant regulations and standard information to the members of the association and guide enterprises to engage in production according to regulations and standards. Enterprises are encouraged to adopt international standards to enhance the international competitiveness of their products.

                              (3) strengthen packaging education by relying on scientific and technological progress
                              The development of education is a fundamental way to achieve economic revitalization and modernization. It is also a fundamental way to realize the development of packaging power and the packaging power. Emerging industrialized road, we must give play to the important role of science and technology as the first productivity, must rely on scientific and technological progress and improve the quality of the laborers, to improve the quality and efficiency of packaging industry growth.

                              We should encourage and guide the packaging should be information technology, actively push forward the healthy development of the packaging industry provide breakthroughs in stimulating new and high technology, transform traditional industries with advanced suitable technology. The technological progress of packaging industry depends greatly on the use of advanced packaging materials and advanced technology and equipment. The technical progress of packaging raw materials depends mainly on the packaging industry. National packaging should be encouraged to upstream industry and development of new packaging materials such as paper making enterprise development conforms to the strength of packaging and printing performance requirements of a variety of packaging paper and paperboard, petrochemical enterprise development conforms to hinder the performance requirements of a variety of plastic resin and packing accessories, iron and steel enterprise development of packaging barrels can apply to the production of various steel sheet and nonferrous metallurgy enterprise development conforms to the packaging requirements of aluminum foil and aluminum, wood industry development to meet the requirements of packaging antipests composite wood products, etc. If packing upstream industry cannot develop conforms to the need of the raw material, can not fully meet the needs of packaging industry, the packaging industry only to rely on import, the modernization of China's packaging industry, there is no reliable support. It is an important precondition for the technological advance of packaging industry to provide the packaging industry with more variety, better quality and more conform to the international trend. Packing industry shall be provided to the upstream industry shortage of raw materials list, with market investigation, and encourage its upstream industry into its new product development plan, and to form a scale production capacity as soon as possible.

                              At the same time, we want to give a full play to the superiority of the association, organize domestic experts and outstanding scientific and technological personnel, tracking the world packaging development trend and technology advantage, with common, proactive, strategic packaging project are studied, including conducting packing macro economics, the relationship between packaging and national economic development, the packing industry policy, laws and regulations and standards, packaging and import and export trade, packing and the environment, and resources, such as packaging and intellectual property research, and strive for the national authorities in policy, organization, and funding support.

                              Education is the base of packaging industry talent and is the fundamental of packaging and revitalization. We should let go of the education and focus on training. Education training includes higher education, professional education, and packaging industry employees to continue education and technical training.

                              Over the past 20 years, packaging higher education system has preliminarily established in our country, but in the teachers, students, teaching quality, teaching facilities, scientific research, etc., not only the gap compared with developed countries there is a lot of, is the famous university and other domestic industry compared to a key university, also has very big disparity. In order to make the packaging higher education to achieve the advanced level at home and abroad as soon as possible, the key is to strengthen the construction of the relevant professional teaching staff. The state should give priority to the training of teachers in packaging, study abroad, and introduce talent training mode, so as to facilitate the training of senior personnel. In the packaging industry, some joint-stock universities can be tested to integrate the enterprises. For the successful operation of zhuzhou institute of engineering and Chinese packaging and printing base, the association should give summary and promotion. We should combine the scientific research on the development of packaging industry and the training of talents in the development of packaging industry in China. Implementation of interdisciplinary research cooperation, and across the country and the region actively carry out a variety of academic activities and academic exchanges, and packaging to create conditions for the positive development and packaging research institutions around the world and gb packing enterprise group of exchanges and cooperation, strive for more achievements, more talent. Strive for 5-10 years of research in packaging economy management and related packaging technology, have a major breakthrough.

                              In summarize the experiences of packaging vocational education actively, expand the size of the packaging professional education to gradually change the packing of the worker's quality generally low phenomenon, the laborers for the packaging industry modernization to cultivate more high-quality and practical talents, the continuing education and training of the staff packing, is directly related to our packaging enterprises can survive and develop in the fierce international competition in the market. Industry associations should draw on the experience of foreign trade organizations and play a bigger role in the technical training of employees in the organization industry.
                              (4) sticking to the combination of "bringing in" and "going out", comprehensively improving the level of external release
                              We must adapt to the new situation of economic globalization and join the world trade organization, the packaging industry in a wider and wider areas and higher levels to participate in international economic cooperation and competition, and make full use of both the international and domestic markets, overall domestic development and opening to the outside world, expand the development space, to promote reform and development of packaging industry opening to the outside world.

                              In recent years, foreign packaging enterprises and packaging organizations have been very optimistic about China's huge packaging market, from simple product sales to opening offices until investment in the factory. Some of the world's famous multinational packaging enterprises have come to China to invest in the factory, which has accelerated the pace of China's packaging industry and the international packaging industry. However, we must be clearly aware that after entering the wto, the world's packaging powers have entered the packaging market in China on the one hand, relying on their capital advantages and technological advantages. On the other hand, through strict technical standards, environmental standards and safety standards, new non-tariff technical barriers have been created for our products. So, to join the world trade organization is both opportunities and challenges for China's packaging industry, we must continue to prepare to join the world trade organization (wto), the transition of all related work earnestly exercise right, fulfill commitments.

                              We will continue to actively and effectively use foreign investment, focus on bringing in advanced technology, key equipment, modern managerial expertise and qualified specialists, support domestic enterprises with various forms cooperation with multinational corporations, to encourage and support of ownership, Chinese enterprises have comparative advantage, take the form of joint venture and wholly owned or joint develop transnational operation, in order to increase the export of domestic goods.

                              We will contribute to the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao and the complete reunification of the motherland. We will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the packaging industry in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The world packaging organization has agreed to build an Asian packaging center in China and has been approved by the former national economic and trade commission in hangzhou to provide a rare opportunity for the development of packaging industry in China. The Asian packaging center built a set of international science and education, research and development, manufacturing, financial, trade, exhibition, information and services for the integration of comprehensive park, to promote China's packaging industry in the world especially in the image of the Asian region, realize the goal of China's packaging industry to become the world power, has very important practical significance and strategic significance. We want to be in the relevant departments of the state council and local government support, give full play to the association to guide and coordinate the work, to mobilize the social various aspects strength, a market-oriented, diversified and internationalized operation, the construction work done, center as soon as possible, do make it become the packaging industry on behalf of the concrete embodiment of the advanced productivity as soon as possible. To become a platform for multilateral bilateral and regional economic and trade cooperation in packaging industry.

                              With the continuous improvement of China's economy, rapid, healthy development and investment environment, some international industry centers and international organizations will also be located in China. The world packaging organization founded, once again decided in 2006 to be held in our country "world conference on packaging", we want to make all aspects of the work, the general assembly held successfully, and comprehensively improve the level of opening to the outside world.

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