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                              The future development direction of canning equipment

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                              The future development direction of canning equipment

                              Release date:2017-08-24 Author: Click:

                                In the past, more than 70% of the processing and canning equipment was imported. In recent years, there have been some new features of second-hand canning equipment in foreign countries. The development of packaging machinery in China mainly focuses on corrugated board production line, box (box) and printing complete equipment. Environmental protection packaging machinery, etc. For the packaging of mechanical and electrical products, we will focus on the pilot work of "specialized fixed point, qualification certification, uniform standard, international integration and expansion of isl".

                              At present, China's packaging machinery products are facing fierce international competition due to the lack of variety, low technology level and poor product reliability. In the past five years in particular, we have accelerated the development of deep-processing agricultural products, the construction of economical society, the development of circular economy and the strengthening of technological innovation, resulting in a new wave of technological import. For example, the total investment of deep processing of agricultural products in China in recent years reached more than 32 billion yuan, and more than 80% of the processing and making equipment was imported.

                              In recent years, the foreign packaging machinery has new features, mainly: one is production efficiency. The production line is highly automated and the production scale is large to obtain the best labor productivity and economic benefits. Second, the high utilization rate of resources and the comprehensive utilization and development of circular economy; (2) the product attaches great importance to energy conservation and reduces cost. Fourth, high and new technology is practical, improve production efficiency, product level, grade; Fifth, the commercialization of scientific research results, the packaging machinery products to the knowledge intensive, the technical synthesis, the product intelligence and so on development.

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