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                              How should automatic sealing machine be cleaned

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                              How should automatic sealing machine be cleaned

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                              Automatic sealing can be used in automatic production line, mass production line. Due to its high cost, high production and high technical, it is favored by large enterprises.

                                    The sealing machine consists of electric motor, pulley, main shaft, locking pad, vertical column, lifting table, right roller, concave axle and CAM, gearbox, gear rack, etc. The sealing machine material from the end of the cylinder can be used to check whether the sealing ring on the piston of the paste filling machine is damaged. If damaged, please replace it. Confirm that the piston and piston rod are fastened. The piston is in the center of the cylinder aluminum stand.

                                    Automatic seal can clean the dust and dirt in the cavity of vacuum pump for half a year, cleaning fan engine hood, fan wheel, ventilation grille, cooling fin (using compressed air cleaning). Replace the exhaust filter once a year to clean or replace the air inlet filter (with compressed air cleaning). Replace vacuum pump oil and oil filters every 500 to 2000 hours.
                              The filling and sealing equipment of the automatic sealing machine oral liquid plastic bottle needs to be redirected to filling the plastic bottle, and then the sealing between the filling and the bottle body and the bottom cover is carried out. In order to ensure the sealing quality, the filling head of the liquid can be increased in line with the filling level. GY series filling machine is semi-automatic piston filling machine. The cylinder can be controlled by using the cylinder to control the flow of the material, and the filling volume can be adjusted by using the magnetic reed switch to control the stroke of the cylinder

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